Dagger in the Dark

Someone who became famous for being able to kill anyone without getting caught, someone who was one of the shadows and then slipped a knife into someone's gut and disappeared without a trace. Its said that only the person who named the word assassin can be summoned as assassin, however that is not true. But only he is the one who is Really assassin.

Example Heroes: Hassan-i-Sabbeth, Hassan-i-Sabbeth

Summoning AdditionEdit

To force the servant you are summoning into the class of Assassin you just add these three lines to the end of your summoning chant. "Yet, thou dost lie in all the world’s darkness.

Thine wrath, felled upon treason.

I am he whose ire becomes thy own. "


As listed on the Servant category page.


Their free Class skills are:

Presence Concealment Rank D

Or Assassin Heritage if they qualify for that skill.

Assassins are then allowed to pick up to seven skills for up to 37 points.