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This wiki is a new method for the Bis Bravura team to wrap up the project.

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Fate/Bis Bravura

The Holy Grail War, a council of magi tries for the Akashic record to retake that magic which was once lost - a series taken to its logical ending with the dismantling of the war and the destruction of the grail. But that which has even the smallest of possibility to come true will always linger in someone's mind - and the tiny thought turns into action and once more this world shall hear the clatter of sword against spear, the singing of bowstrings and the raw fire of magic.

Bis Bravura is the second version of Heavens Feel, with the original destroyed and the whole ritual dismantled it has been taken elsewhere, namely to a Welsh town of some 200 thousand inhabitants by the name of Gyfrinach Gwag. Created as a means for a small Italian mage family to come to power; Bis Bravura uses the same template as the Heavens Feel ritual, where heroic spirits are used to fill a conceptual cup with enough prana to lance through to the Root. Just like before there are seven classes of servant, and one master for each servant. However some things have changed, this takes place without the blessings of the church and it is kept out of earshot of the grand magi of the association as well, a secret heretical act that goes against the wills of both organizations.

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