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The town where the Bis Bravura ritual takes place, its name of Gyfrinach Gwag, means Secret’s Hollow in Welsh, is a town on the coast of Pembrokeshire in southwestern Wales. The town was one of the last in Wales to be conquered by the English, for a long time the people fought a guerrilla war against the English invaders, which is how the town got its name, however they were eventually found and the town was sacked. It was later rebuilt and a statue commemorating the Welsh warriors was erected at the central square. For a long time, the town was small and insignificant, however in 1915 it, and the surrounding lands were bought by a wealthy Italian aristocrat by the name of Emilio Pascutti Delarosa, he began to pour money into the town and soon it was a modern town. The Pascutti Delarosa family still owns the land.

The people living in the area are mostly farmers, shepherds and fishermen and the town is surrounded by farmland and rolling hills for many miles as well as the open sea, though the central town is a modern one. It is basically split into two districts, the older central parts of town, called Old town and the expanding modern town thats growing around it, called New Town It has a brand new train station built three years ago to replace the old one which burned down. There is also a small supermarket built, it has however upset some local shopkeepers as they are losing customers.

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