Town CenterEdit

The central town square is located in front of the Town Hall, there is a large fountain with a statue of Seven men, one with a Sword, one with a Bow, one with a Spear, one ontop of a Horse, one with a pair of Daggers, one with a Book, and one with a Wolfs Head standing in the middle of it. This statue was erected in memory of the Welsh resistance fighters who fought from Gyfrinach Gwag against the English invaders. There is an epitaph in Welsh reading: “Ar gyfer y rhai a fu'n ymladd ac a fu farw dros ryddid.” Meaning, “For those who fought and died for freedom.” On the other side of the square is the train station. Around the square are antique and souvenir shops and popular night spots. Next to the Town Hall is the town library. The square is a popular meeting spot so it’s often crowded.