Delarosa EstateEdit

The mansion outside the town is an unmistakable landmark, it is a decent sized mansion built in Italian style. Surrounding the grounds is a high cast iron fence, the only entrances being the big gate as well as a smaller back one. In front of the mansion is a rose garden, is quite beautiful in the summer. Behind it is a large extravagant garden with a small patio for relaxing outside.

The mansion itself is three floors high, however it also has a two layered basement. The first floor holds of course the reception hall, as well as kitchen, dining hall, sitting room and servants quarters. On the second floor is the master bedroom as well as the guest rooms, there is also a lounge for the guests. The third floor holds the family head’s study and library, this floor is completely off limits to guests.

The first basement, the only one appearing on blueprints, serves as storage and wine cellar. It is separated into two parts, the wine cellar just down the stairs and the storage in the section behind. In this storage section is the hidden staircase to the family’s storage of goods of a more magical nature, as well as facilities to hold unwelcome Magi. There is also an underground tunnel connecting to the workshop under the library.

The mansion has been constructed on a ley line.