The town library is an average library, not too big, but big enough to have a good selection of books. It is a popular location for studying so there are usually a lot of students about. The library has a large selection of Italian books, this collection had been payed for by the Pascutti Delarosa family. In truth, the library is also hiding the Pascutti Delarosa workshop, in the section containing the Italian books there is a certain book, that when removed reveals an indention in the wood in the shape of the Pascutti Delarosa family crest, if this is pushed in with the ring held by the family head the book case slides to the side and reveals a set of stairs leading down to a hidden chamber. The workshop is also guarded by powerful seals so as to keep out anyone who manages to find it. The library also hosts a small museum where the Delarosa family exhibit things from their family’s long history (as aristocrats) But at times they also exhibit other things.