The beginning factor. The orientation of one's soul. The foundation of one's existence. Origins are the type of actions refer to the direction of one's life since creation.

A generated direction, occurring almost like a flash of lightning, inside the source of everything, the Whirl (of Akasha ). A meaning of "doing something" streams out and matching that stream, matter takes form and at times, it becomes a human being. Ultimately, the absolute order implanted to make all things with form exist as they are.

In the system of mystical elements, Origins dscribe the precise details while elemental alignments indicate a general alignment. There are situations when there is no general elemental alignment, however, even a person with absolutely no talent for thaumaturgy by lack of circuits or simple affinity, can cast (or "cast") spells by following one's Origin.

Unlike elements, origins are direction-oriented, as in, doing ____ (verbs not just nouns). These are impulsive behavioral patterns on the existential level; absolute orders, not things like "swords" or "fire".