Pascutti Delarosa

The Pascutti Delarosa are an old aristocrat family from Italy. Their holdings were located in northern Italy, near the Austrian border. While outwardly, the family seemed like any other noble family, they have a hidden history as well, they are a family of Magi. The Pascutti Delarosa are a Magi family, they are not particularly renowned, but are still considered quite skilled. For a long time they were something of a client family to the von Einzbern, however in the early twentieth century Acht von Einzbern released Emilio Pascutti Delarosa from his service. Emilio almost immediately moved his family to Wales as he realized that the proximity to the Vatican and his lack of protection from the von Einzbern, as well as the Mage’s Association’s lack of concern for him and his family meant that Italy was not safe for them.

Emilio’s family was granted the position of Second Owner by the Association, this meant that he was to administer and monitor all supernatural activity in the area. This also means that any Magus who wishes to establish permanent residence in the area is expected to receive the permission of the Second Owner, in this case the head of the Pascutti Delarosa family. Naturally however, if one is skilled, and if the Second Owner is lazy it is possible to remain hidden without permission. Bianca Pascutti Delarosa tries to take this duty seriously, but she considers it secondary in importance, so she is more lax than she make herself out to be.

The Pascutti Delarosa family has prospered in Wales, largely out of sight from the Association. the current head, Bianca Pascutti Delarosa has taken a very intense interest in old records of her great grandfather concerning the dealings of the von Einzbern family, especially that of Heaven’s Feel, she also learned that the ritual had been completely dismantled. This planted a seed in her mind, a plan which would elevate the Pascutti Delarosa from their humble position.